This ceremonial object was created for a specific event and for a specific individual to wear. The medallion was presented and worn during the inauguration ceremony of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s newest Chancellor, Mike Lovell and will be worn by him at all special University events during his tenure. The inauguration medallion represents the current climate and vision for UWM and the city of Milwaukee; the future educational and research goals on campus and their role in the community. But in creating the medallion, I sought to not only represent the identity of a specific person and institution, but also sought to represent ideas on making as it relates to the hybridization of old and new technology in craft. The processes that were used in the creation of the medallion and chain are also integral to the conception and creation of the piece.

UWM videographer, Mary Baylor created the video about the making of Chancellor Lovell's innaguration medallion.

© 2017 by Frankie Flood

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