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During my research into digital fabrication techniques and experimentation using CNC machining and routing in 2014, I had the distinct pleasure of working with graduate student  and printmaker Jay Fox. Jay assisted me in printing an edition of prints featuring an exploded diagram of one of my pizza cutter designs. I also created a limited edition of CNC ink drawings using my CNC router.


Since my first printmaking course with the late Professor Denise Rehm- Mott, I have been intrigued by the physical creation of the printing plate and  the close ties the printmaking and metalsmithing have in common. I am certain my father's initial print apprenticeship at RR Donnely and Sons and his later work as a pressman, prepress plateman, and prep department supervisor at Petty Co Printing along with my own experience of working full time summer and part time....

photo by Jay Grabiec

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