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I create hands for local and international children. The e-NABLE community ( is a global group of volunteers who have joined forces and have tasked themselves to make free prosthetic hands available for kids. It is a group of tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, university professors, designers, parents, families, artists, students, teachers and people who just want to make a difference... Regular people who are creating hands for people in need and sharing their designs with the World for free. They innovate, re-design and provide prosthetic hands and fingers for children all over the world, with the use of 3D printing.

Myself and my students in the Digital Craft Research Lab have been responsible for the creation of twelve 3D printed mechanical hands that have been fitted to five children as well as the development of numerous experimental hands or hand features. I continue to work with Shea, Karuna, Hayley, Bella, Cai, Weston, Evan, Zack, and I am currently developing relationships with
several local and worldwide partners in the development of new designs that address specific user needs.

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